The modern day challenges of unemployment and ways of combating it

unemploymentUnemployment is a major problem that many countries around the world are constantly trying to find solutions for. The current state of high unemployment around the world is as a result of there being many people who do not have a place where they can earn some income. The high unemployment is not because the people are not skilled enough to work in any given filed but it is as a result of there being too few available income earning opportunities to absorb all the qualified persons.

The situation has been made all the more dire by a tendency of many people choosing particular courses. There are some courses which are deemed more favorable and many people choose to study this courses. As such the market becomes flooded with these qualified persons whereas the opportunities to absorb these people are not increasing at the same rate.

With the continuous trend of more people being released in the market, the number of the unemployed in society is continually rising. With more unemployed people in society, there is an increase in cases of criminal activities as people engage in illegal activities in a bid to make some survival money. Many people turn to activities such as drug trafficking, prostitution, robberies, embezzlement, black market trade, and all kinds of unscrupulous activities.

Instead of many people depending on the household careers for income opportunities, it is important that people start embracing other avenues of making money this will help ease the demand for specific jobs and other areas can also absorb some for the working population.

For example, in the current world, many people study pharmacy since this is a famous course that promises a great future for whoever will graduate from it. However, many people are flocking to study pharmacy and at the end of the day, it is impossible to accommodate all the graduates in the few available pharmaceutical positions.

Many people who study pharmacy are individuals who have the desire to serve in a field that is related to health. This is therefore a job that is hugely centered on one having the desire to help others. Knowing this, such people can seek alternative careers that provide similar satisfaction and careers that require similar kinds of people.

A good example of such a career is cosmetology. Cosmetology is a course in which people are taught how to safely enhance skin, hair, and nails beauty. Cosmetology like pharmacy is a course that deals with helping people and it is a course that is closely related to medicine. Cosmetology is a course that can lead one into a very fruitful, and satisfying career.

Today beauty and physical attractiveness is held in very high esteem. People want to look and will go to great lengths to achieve it. However some crooked people are taking advantage to provide illegitimate, unproven, and unsafe solutions that they claim can help people become more attractive. These solutions often end up messing up the people who use them and making them worse off. As such, there is a high demand for qualified and certified cosmetologists today.