The Hidden Bitterness in Sugar

White and Brown SugarThere are some foods that people just are not sure whether or not they are good for them or not. The expert opinions seem to change every single day so it is hard to keep up with what is true or what isn’t. We are constantly told to cut back on our sugar intake but does this mean both white and brown sugar? Our doctors tell us to drink a lot of milk, but is that really the right way to go? Keep reading to learn more.

White and Brown Sugar

It is true that you should try to limit your intake on both types of sugar, you might have heard a rumor that brown sugar is better for you. While brown sugar may have a few more nutrients than white sugar, it is not a healthy choice. Brown sugar is simply white sugar that is mixed in with molasses. Brown sugar is able to hold shape but white sugar is unable to. Raw sugar is typically brown and forms with the sugar cane juice evaporates. However, many people call brown sugar granulated white sugar with molasses thrown in.

The reason brown sugar is a bit healthier than white sugar is because molasses does have a few more nutrients than white sugar. Brown sugar traditionally has more potassium than white sugar and also has small amounts of magnesium and calcium. These factors do not mean that brown sugar is healthy, it simply means that it has more redeeming qualities than white sugar.

Healthy Milk

Most experts will tell you that milk is a healthy choice due to the amount of calcium and vitamin D that it contains. However, is it possible that what we have learned about milk simply isn’t true? You probably already know that many people have allergies that are related to milk such as lactose intolerance. But if you are fortunate enough to be able to drink milk, is it good for you?

Even though everything said above are true, cows are given growth hormones to help them produce more milk and fight off infections. These contaminants can be in the milk that you are drinking. The best thing you can do is to find organic milk that states that they did not use growth hormones on their cows. This is the only way to know for sure you are getting healthy milk.

It is important to know what foods and beverages are good for you before you enjoy them. You can’t always believe what the media tells you, but you also have to protect yourself and your family from any harmful foods. This is the only way that you can eat healthy and ensure your safety.