Singapore, the beautiful haven of assorted cultures

assorted culturesVisiting Singapore during my last vacation was a lifetime experience for me. This was my first visit to the Asian continent and I enjoyed every part of it. I had been to other continents around the world but I had not been to this populous continent. Finally I had managed to get some experience of the beautiful continent.

Deciding to visit Singapore from among the other Asian countries was a stroke of genius for me. This is because Singapore is one of the places you can go to in Asia where you will be able to get a wholesome experience of all that the Asian continent has to offer. This is hugely due to the people who are found in Singapore.

Singapore is a city state that is inhabited by many cultures. The major peoples who live in the island are people from different Asian countries and the world over. These include the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians. Apart from these major races, we also have an assortment of many other races from all around the world. In Singapore there are people from the Arabian countries, people from western countries, and even people from Africa.

The mixture of many cultures in Singapore is as a result of the strategic position of the City State. Singapore is an island that is surrounded by waters that were major trade routes for many communities around the world. Singapore, having many suitable ports was therefore an important centrally placed trading city. Many communities eventually settled in the country.

Today, Singapore is still an economic hub with a lot of international trade continuing. Apart from all the business dealings that go around in the city state that bring together many people from different races across the world, Singapore today also has many people of different ethnicity visiting the country due to tourism.

The influence of many cultures makes this an ideal place for a tourist who is interested in experiencing the diversity of different cultures. Since I was interested in the cultures of Asian people, I was able to experience the lives of different Asian communities firsthand.

The first thing that I noticed with the Singaporeans was their hospitality. The people are very friendly and accommodating to foreigners. This was especially exhibited to me when I rented a master room for a few days in one of the major towns in the city. The Malay couple who had rented out the homely master room to me were very friendly and welcoming. They offered to make some of the best Malay dishes for me during my stay.

I was also able to sample other Asian cuisines by visiting some of the eateries that were common in the Singapore markets. I was especially fascinated by the hawker eateries which served excellent food at very affordable prices. At the hawker centers, I was able to sample foods from all kinds of cultures but mostly Asian food. However, I could also find some Arabic foods, Jewish foods, and English foods among other delicacies.

American junk food was also present on the Singapore streets with some stalls dedicated to selling the famous burgers.