My HDB rental and Asha my next door neighbor

My HDB rental and Asha my next door neighbor

I live in a HDB rental in town that is close to where I work. We however have a home some distance away in the countryside where my mother lives with my grandmother. My grandfather died many years ago and my father separated with my mother when I was a little kid of two years. I grew up as a solitary kid with the advantage of having my mother and grandmother taking care of me.

The house I grew up in had been bought by my father and he had let me and my mum have it. My grandmother had moved in when grandpa died and she became lonely. Teaming up with mum made the house fuller and less lonely. My father often came to see me as I grew up and he was always there for me on any important day such as my birthdays, graduation day and such.

After graduating college, I got a job working as a lawyer for a law firm in the town. Due to the long distance back home, it was uneconomical and very inconveniencing to be commuting home daily over long distance. I decided to hire an apartment that was not very far from where I was working from. I was fortunate to get a very good house with very good quiet neighbors.

The HDB rentals in Singapore are notorious for denying one privacy and quiet especially if you have crowded neighbors. Noisy neighbors are also quite a nuisance. Luckily, my neighbors are all elderly quiet couples with the exception of the neighbor who lives directly across my door. Asha, the lady who lives there is a shy quiet lady who works as a nurse in a hospital close to where I work. She has slowly become my best friend.

Often when we come from work we meet on the bus ride from work. Our work places are not far from home so we board the bus home. We could also take a taxi but his would be more costly. A bus ride is good enough.

When we meet on the bus we usually have a great time chatting about the day and our experiences. Asha is about the same age as I am and so we have many things in common. She however did not grow up in Singapore but grew up in India. Therefore many times I have to explain many things about the country.

When we get to our flat, we use the stairs so that we can have more time chatting. Many times we end up going to either of our houses together and having dinner together.

I love Asha’s Indian accent. Her accent is particularly accentuated when she is excited. This often happens when we visit the park on weekends and use the slide or ride on the rollercoasters. We love the thrills and we always like to let out the children in us together. Screaming wildly as we grasp each other on the rollercoasters rides and as we slide furiously down the giant slides, you would be excused for thinking we are twin sisters.

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