Mouth Full Of Plastic

Mouth Full Of Plastic

Individuals who suffer from a condition called bruxism, grind their teeth at night unbeknownst to them. They usually do not even know they are doing but are told by their sleeping partner or their dentist. There are a number of causes for bruxism as well as different treatments. What is important to know is that you are not alone as there are many other individuals who experience the same condition. Continue reading to find out more about this unusual condition as well as some bruxism treatments.

There are many factors that can cause someone to experience bruxism. Feelings of anxiety, anger, frustration, or stress can cause someone to start grinding their teeth without really knowing it. If you know that you already have a competitive or hyperactive kind of personality, you are more likely to experience this condition.

Sometimes individuals already have dental problems that causes bruxism as well. If your upper and lower teeth are not properly aligned this can also cause you to grind your teeth at night. And then there are times when it simply becomes a habit with no real reason behind it. There are some individuals who say they have a habit of chewing on pencils and this could also cause bruxism by making you form a habit of it.

There are a number of different ways that bruxism can be treated. Mouth guards and mouth splints are the most common form of treatment for teeth grinding. What guards and splints do is even out any pressure that is in your jaw and create a barrier between your lower and upper teeth to keep them from damaging any further. Mouth guards are much like what boxers or other athletes wear and are made of flexible rubber or plastic and can be made to fit your mouth by your dentist.

A mouth splint can also be used but it is less common. They are made from a plastic that is much harder and tougher than a mouth guard but can fit perfectly over you lower and/or upper teeth. These are proven to be equally as effective as mouth guards and can last several years. The only downside to using a splint rather than a guard is that there are a bit more expensive. That is why mouth guards are used more often.

Bruxism can happen in both children and adults but tends to be more common in children, especially toddlers. If you or someone you love suffers from bruxism make sure you go to the doctor or dentist immediately so that you can be treated. The longer it goes on the worse it has the potential to get so take it seriously.

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