Is Beef Jerky Good for You?

Beef Jerky 2Beef jerky is a high energy snack that has the ability to fuel you through your workout or any type of intense exercise. This is a snack that has quite a bit of protein and a lot of vitamins and minerals also. The meat that comes in beef jerky does have one pitfall, and that is it is high in sodium and fat which significantly decreases the overall nutritional value.

A one-ounce portion of beef jerky only has 115 calories and a little over 7 grams of fat. Beef jerky is also good for the heart as it contains non-saturated fat. If you eat a lot of saturated fat, you may be at risk for a heart disease or a heart attack. Try to supplement some of your saturated fat with non-saturated fat such as beef jerky. Beef jerky also has quite a bit of zinc and iron which are both essential minerals that will help keep your immune system going strong.

The only down side to eating beef jerky is that it is filled with sodium. Even though it enhances he flavor as well as the shelf life, too much sodium can be made for your heart and your kidneys. It can put you at risk for kidney disease, congestive heart failure, stroke, and high blood pressure. Try to find beef jerky that contains low levels of saturated fat. This will help to make it much healthier or you in the long run.

What about Hummus?

Not only is beef jerky good for you but so is hummus. Hummus contains chickpeas which is an excellent vegetable-based source of iron which can be useful for people who are anemic. Since hummus has a great deal of vitamin E, it has the ability to reduce blood clots and can reduce the effects of having too much blood thinning drugs in your system. It also has the ability to reduce your blood sugar and give you a boost of energy that keeps you going all day long.

Chickpeas have the ability to help lower the bad cholesterol in your body. Studies have shown that the rates were not outstanding, but they did help drop the lower cholesterol in small amounts. Hummus can also help to stabilize your insulin if you are a diabetic. This also helps the liver by keeping your insulin levels where they should be.

It is important that you put the best possible foods into your body. If you want a healthy snack, both hummus and beef jerky are good choices. Try to be mindful of the sodium that is in beef jerky so you are not taking too much in and it is impacting the heart.