I failed with the guitar and piano, but I guess I am the master of the drums

I failed with the guitar and piano, but I guess I am the master of the drums

I am an ardent fan of music. I have always loved listening to music and I think I could sing before I could talk. I am not a very good singer though, and I think I messed up several choirs before I realized that my voice was just not as harmonious as I thought. I still sing in the shower though, and quite loud at that. My house cat does not mind, or rather, he has not complained yet.

I don’t know, but I believe that I am not alone. When many people love music, they imagine that they can also sing. Not only singing but also playing the music instruments.

I remember as a young child I was always fussing that I wanted a guitar. I had simply liked the way band members strum them and how they always move to the beat like they are really enjoying it. I believed I could be the next Elvis.

When my dad finally gave in and bought me a mini guitar, I was overjoyed. I spent the whole day strumming a lot of noise from my new love. By the end of the second day, one of the strings had snapped, and by the third day my fingers were so sore that I had to put my darling guitar down. I never went back to pick it from where I dropped it.

My next victim was the piano. After my guitar failure, I convinced myself that the guitar was an instrument for advanced maestros in music and that I had been too ambitious in attempting to play it. Cheered on by the misguided advice from a friend who happened to know how to play a few tunes on the piano, I concluded that for anybody to learn how to play any musical instruments, they must first learn how to play the piano.

I did not know anything about the need for training or anything about music lessons. In my naïve green mind I somehow believed that one knew these things naturally.

One day when visiting a neighboring family, I happened to sight a small piano tucked in the corner. Like a good boy, I asked if I could play it. When permission was granted, I enthusiastically marched to the instrument.

Since I knew that playing the piano was all about pressing the keys, I vigorously went to playing the keys believing that if I put my all into it, then I could produce Mozart-like music.

The sound that came from the piano terrified me. Since I believed that it was because I was not trying hard enough, I put my all into it and the racket became worse. I was shocked that this innocent looking device could produce such monstrous sounds. I gingerly walked away from it and stood from afar pondering what had just happened.

I guess these two experiences put the fear of god into me about music instruments. I never tried playing a musical instrument again until just the other day. I was idly window shopping in a pawn shop and I happened to try my hand on a cute drum that was on display. I was amazed when I produced a reasonable beat. I tried again and it sounded better! I bought the drum.

I failed with the guitar and piano, but I guess I am the master of the drums Credit Picture License: rocked out… via photopin cc