Compromising health for financial gain is a ticking time bomb

a-workaholicThe importance of having good health cannot be overemphasized. Without good health, you cannot enjoy anything in life. It would be therefore unwise to make plans and put a lot of effort in things that we cannot eventually enjoy. This is what many people do.

In the world today, many people are busy working hard to accumulate money. Personal wealth in terms of assets is a great priority for many and they will do anything for it. Many people work many hours of the day in money generating activities but unfortunately they do not consider their health.

Our health is something that should be taken care of every time. You could be healthy today but your activities of the day may finally ensure that you get poor health in the future. This is what is happening with many of the people who are neglecting their health and instead focusing all their efforts towards making money.

The trend for neglecting health and focusing on money is especially common here in Singapore. As it is, this is one of the most expensive places to live in the world. As such, people, especially those with lower wages will try to save as much as they can while trying to make extra money by any means.

One of the places that Singaporeans are turning to so as to make extra money is their own houses. People who own houses that have an extra room opt to rent it out so that they may get some extra income from charging rent. Many times this happens when one of the family members is not around or when children leave to live on their own. When this happens the room is converted to a short term rental for the period when the absentee will be away.

However, some people go further by squeezing into the other rooms so as to create an empty room that can be rented out. This is not healthy. Squeezing three to four people into a room that is designed for one person is not healthy. The crammed rooms are not good for diseases such air borne diseases such as TB. The house and its facilities will also be overburdened. The sanitary facilities will be used by more people than what is stipulated. In the case of disease, the use of a common sanitary facility among many individuals increases the risk of spreading the disease.

It is especially not healthy in terms of the wellness of the individuals. People need to have some room for privacy and peaceful meditation. A crammed room does not provide for an environment that is sound for psychological health.

Sometimes the room that is rented out by Singaporeans is the common room. Many of the people consider the common room a luxury as compared with the prospect of earning some money from it through rent. Without the common room however, the family will lack a place where they can have the activities that the common room is set aside for. This again causes poor social health within the family.